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"When Lighthouse decided to add IBM technology webinars to our marketing mix, Kim helped us get the program off the ground very quickly, guiding us through all the steps in producing a successful online event.  She advised us on the selection of webcast services, the timing and content of our e-invitations, and supported us with rehearsal webcasts and more.  As a webinar moderator, she adds a professional tone to our events with polished introductions of our presenters and control of the event Q&A session.  Kim also showed us how to extend the marketing impact of our webinars by recording them for replay our website.  The Lighthouse webinar series has become an important source of sales leads. Our online events are often attended by 50 or more prospects.",
~Dave Sylvestre, VP Marketing
Lighthouse Computer Services, Inc.

“Kim brought focus to demand generation, leveraging all aspects of Social Media to build relevant content and visibility to targeted sales initiatives. Her ability to transform core value propositions into actionable events translated into tangible sales wins. Kim built from ground up Webinar Series increasing company thought leadership position while launching complimentary SEO programs around Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Blogs. Outstanding team player who takes charge, delivers on objectives and accountable for individual responsibilities.”

~Michael Rennell
Senior Vice President, Global Sales and Business Development
Loftware, Inc.